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1) Can Imperials hunt Republic, and if so would /duel even work or would it all have to be coordinated through /yell or /say and then arrange a flagged fight? I mostly play Imperial and it seems like the bulk of the bounties are on the Republic. (also not seeing the Imperial targets on much when I'm on)
You can hunt any target regardless of faction. Although, due to the nature of the game, it becomes more difficult at times to hunt a mark of the opposing faction. There's not much to do about this, although I know some hunters have made use of contact on the "other side" as it were. In cases like this, you can /duel is neither of you is flagged. In cases where you have entered an area that automatically flags you, either party can attack. To clarify what I mean, I will tell you that we once has a Imperial hunter track a mark to the main Republic base on Belsavis. After some roleplaying, the mark actually opened fire on the hunter first. This scenario doesn't violate any rules, nor would "ambushing" a mark that is already flagged for PvP.

Essentially, whatever circumstances the parties can make use of are acceptable.

2) Are the Known Associated and Joint contracts meant to be 1-on-1 single-elimination style rounds, or simultaneous combat against multiple targets?
This is something of a similar situation. In a case where a player is not flagged for PvP, joint contracts or know associates work as follows. Player A attacks. Should Player B fend them off, Player C may attack. Player C cannot heal inbetween this period with their OOC self heal. To help visualize this, I'll type out an example:

"Bounty Hunters Jen Soma and Wil Dyrell declare their intention to form a joint contract on the dangerous murderer Tala'sin. They find Tala'sin. The character is not flagged for PvP. Jen attacks first. She does some damage but Tala'sin defeats her. Wil is now permitted to continue the fight. Tala'sin cannot heal in between."

In a case where the character is flagged, two versus one is acceptable. Largely because such a situation is statistically rarer. I will amend the ruleset to make this clearer.
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