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For relics I am currently using...

1) Arkanian Relic of Shield Amplification. This relic is available from your basic comms vendor.

Equip: Shielding an incoming attack grants 510 Absorb Rating for 6 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds, and shares this limit with similar defensive effects.

2) War Hero Relic of the Shrouded Crusader. I do not know if this is still available to new Vanguards.

41 Endurance, 113 Shield

The reason why I am using it is that it currently gives me 1.77 shield all the time.

Other Relics Available

1) Arkanian Relic of Imperiling Serenity

89 Endurance, 29 Power.

Use: Increases Defense Rating by 395 for 20 seconds.

This increases Defense/Dodge by roughly 4% depending on where you are on the curve.

2) Arkanian Relic of the Shrouded Crusader

89 Endurance, 29 Power.

Use: Increases Shield, and Absorb Ratings by 245 for 30 seconds.

Lasts for 10 seconds longer than the defense clicky. Gives me roughly 3.5% Shield and 5% Absorb.

Of the two, I am closer to switching over to the second than the first. The problem is they just are not game changing enough to really get you out of a bad situation. They will both offer you minor changes in your damage avoidance but its so small its hard to go with them. If you try to hold the on use ability for a bad situation not only does it impair your overall mitigation, but as just mentioned they do not actually help you all that much. Due to the longer duration of the second one if I did not have access to the War Hero relic I would opt for that one.

Just for perspective all the avoidable attacks in S&V(have not gone through TFB to confirm) are either Kinetic or Energy. These damages are affected by your armor. The old Rakata armor adrenal increases your damage reduction for these attacks by ~8%. That is over twice as good as the Defense clicky.

Why twice as good? Assuming that every attack you faced was of the category Melee/Range the dodge relic would act the following way. You would avoid 100% of the damage 4% of the time. The armor adrenal would help you avoid 8% of the damage 100% of the time.

But wait, I said that it is over twice as good. Your defense only affects attacks that are melee/ranged. Much of the damage you face comes from tech/force attacks. Any attacks that you face that are tech/force that deal kinetic/energy damage would make the old Rakata adrenal even more effective in comparison. That is how badly the new click relics are for tanking currently. It is actually sad.

Maybe I am expecting too much out of the on use relics. You can argue that the old War Hero relic does not actually change things all that much either. For summary though those are the two relics I am using, and if I did not have access to the War Hero one I would use the Shield/Absorb on use for its improved duration and affecting a greater number of attacks.