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While I have seen some stupid use of wow terms, such as people saying "auction house" when they mean GTN, which is stupid, since you can't auction anything there, but none of the ones OP listed are wow terms, but general MMO terms, and most of them fit this game perfectly.

But his worst fail was to list this:

Quote: Originally Posted by Anysao View Post
"Taunts"- I am tank-specced and I had NO idea where "taunts" come from, and took forever for me to learn that it's just to grab the attention of the enemy.
This term actually does appear in the game.
Both Jedi Guardian and Sith Juggernaut have a taunt that is actually called Taunt:

And while some of the other classes have abilities that do the exactly same thing, but with different name

The common term to describe all of these abilities is "taunt".

In fact this is exactly the same in this game as it was in wow. There too, only one of the four tank classes had a taunt that was actually called Taunt, but the similar abilities of all the tank classes were called commonly taunts.