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This is my fourth MMO and yeah, these terms are everywhere. And as someone said, at least one of them, 'dungeon', goes back to table top rpg gaming, i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, which I first tried back in 1980 (and hated, BORING! imho).

I agree, it's weird to call a space battle instance a 'dungeon', but what the hey. Like some of the other posters, the one that bothers me is 'pet' for the companion. The companions really are something new (at least to me) and different. You interact with them in a way you never did with a pet.

As to not knowing what the various terms mean, well, neither did I when I started. Instead of complaining, ask! Simple enough, and most people will be happy to tell you, and the flamers who act like you're a doofus for not already knowing aren't worth bothering about.
(I quoted this one as it's the most polite)

And I have asked, and they've defined it for me. I respect these terms, and now after 50 levels, I under stand them (I've actually said "taunt" during a flashpoint).

And I know they aren't WoW terms, I just said that as that's probably the most popular MMO currently. And it's not about me, it's about the new players. This is my first MMO, and I only half-understood them because I started a thread like back in augest asking about it.

Ps- and my apoalgiseis, I had no idea Jedi guardians literrly had "taunt". I'm a sith assassin, and my aggro-grab or "taunt", is called mind control/mass mind control. Not exactly a TAUNT...
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