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Believe it or not, WoW wasn't the first MMO and it's not the only one out there. ALL of these terms were coined long before WoW's release.

Quote: Originally Posted by Anysao View Post
It can be utterly confusing. I ask you to please cut down on them, as they can be annoying. Some things I do and do not like are below-
Bad slang:
"Raids"- Why is it so hard to say Ops? It can be incredibly confusing to a new player.
"Taunts"- I am tank-specced and I had NO idea where "taunts" come from, and took forever for me to learn that it's just to grab the attention of the enemy.
"Mobs"- Where does this come from for NPCs? It's the most random name so far.
"Instance"- Don't really have a problem with this one, yet I'm not sure where it comes from, it seems just like an odd term.
"Dungeons"- I assume you mean Flashpoints, and you can not have a worse term. Since when is being in deep space, while being under attack by an enemy cruiser, a "dungeon"?
"Pets"- A companion is a NPC sidekick, not a pet. For pets, see mouse droids, and other droids. I WILL KILL ANYONE WHO CALLS MY COMPANION A PET!!

Slang I'm fine with:
"Aggro"- I don't like the term, but it's the only term i know of to get attention of NPCs.
"Tank"- Well, this is in any MMO, so, it's not really a problem.
"DPS"- Although we rarely mean "Damage Per SECOND", it is useful to understand.
"HP"- Hitpoints, or health. No problem here.

I wont lecture you, but, please, for other player's gaming experience, use standard terms to help people learn how the game works.
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