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The reason for such terms to make quick comments whilst in battle, you dont wanna have to type "can the tank please take these npcs off me as im dying", its much easier to say "aggro" or "taunt off me please".

you missed off

adds - when 1 or more npcs join in on the current fight.

cc - crowd control - using abilities that temperarly disable the npc of movement or attacks.

pat - patrol - when npcs are walking along a set path which may bring them back along your path as you attack a group of npcs.
Don't forget:

hlz or hlr - sometimes used to refer to a "Healer"

pwn, pwnz, pwn'd, or pwnage - thou hast been "owned"

noob, newb, or newbz - derogatory term used to refer to a new player, or even commonly used by the uneducated to refer to someone who doesn't agree with their point of view

Not to mention countless internet memes which find their way into General chat. It's an MMO thing.