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I tend to look at the SGR flirts coming as getting a foot in the door. BW taking a tentative step to see if there is some mass exodus from the game over this issue ( which I highly doubt will happen ) It is a sensitive issue, and they do have to be careful and i have no issues with it.
I don't really think that had anything to do with why we haven't gotten SGR yet. After all Mass Effect and Dragon Age were hugely successful and both had SGRs in them and everybody knew. If they'd feared a mass exodus, I don't think they would have announced SGRs as post-launch content from the beginning, as they would have shot themselves in the foot that way.

Time and money constraints, that's the only reason I can see, really. And I hope both will be a thing of the past, once this game gains more momentum and at the moment, it's not looking that bad for it.