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I'm glad someone necroed this thread.

So as a returning player leveling all my 600s to 700 in crafting, things seem to have gotten kind of absurdly expensive in Onslaught. Especially around actually making useful gear.

First, there's (at least) two gates - Processed Isotope Stabilizers, which seem to drop from various events but kind of sparingly, and are not on the Jawas.

Second, and more of an issue, is the SRMs. SRM's are (AFAICT) *only* available by meeting weekly conquest, and are pretty meager in comparison to what you actually need to get better schematics. And they are quite expensive on the GTN.

My first reaction is that this totally kills crafting for those not supported by a big guild with lots of cash.

Am I wrong?
I got biochem and armortech to 700 the other day and that was it for me. I'm not leveling crafting anymore for anyone else. I have to craft one item to craft another item to craft another item and a lot of the mats have to be gotten from other sources than the crew skill missions and I have to disassemble those crazy material hungry items to get another material to craft the augment.

No wonder why everything is so stupid expensive. Why do they feel the need to make crafting so convoluted? It literally used to be you just need 3 mats to craft a purple item. You needed the greem blue and purple tier of that item from crew skill missions and thats it. You didn't have to craft and item in order to craft another item. It was nice and straight forward.