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Yeah that much is clear. Given the amount of mats it will take to get each slot to 306 at a 10% schematic drop rate it's looking much cheaper to just buy gear.

So, basically, not entirely useless, but the phase we are in is that crafting is nice supplementary income from making and selling intermediate products and mats, but useless for gearing yourself due to sheer cost. Got it.

It's always been ridiculously, trivially easy to make money on the GTN; sounds like for now that's the only game for crafting and gearing yourself and your alts up is better done just from buying stuff with your crafting profits.
like gearing via crafting is fine if ur making insane quantities i guess and if u can trick ppl to buy your stuff on gtn, but generally the gear grind this tier is by far easier than previous so doing content is a lot smarter imo

yea i think so as well, this tier we are looking at a lot fewer items that can be sold for a decent price on gtn in large quantities so the competition is more fierce = more requirements to make decent profits and thus it's harder for new players to do while veterans can make a lot easily

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