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06.27.2015 , 11:02 PM | #5650
Alright. After a long absence, it's time for me to finally post something again. I'm sorry, there will be no comments this time, there's been so much activity during my impromptu hiatus! But I will try to catch up on the reading, and welcome to all the new posters

Today, we have two short bits. The first is an intro of sorts for my agent, who will hopefully show up in a larger capacity soon.

Title: For the Good of the Empire
Prompt: Disguises
Characters: Bryyn Harkness (Imperial Agent)
Length: 140 words
Spoilers: None

Takes place about a year and a half before the beginning of the agent storyline


And the second is for the Description prompt, which I don't thing I ever actually posted for Jessasi, despite it being done months ago. So, here we are.

Title: Captain Jessasi Silver
Prompt: Description
Characters: Jessasi Silver (obviously )
Length: 180 words
Spoilers: none

Takes place about five years after the beginning of the Smuggler storyline

I <3 alts!