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And you really didn't notice the difference between the ways to do it on Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa, did you? As well as the fact that NPCs helping/opposing you on these planets are also unique, and the choices you face in the end of each planet story are not similar in any way.

I honestly don't understand what made Alderaan look unique in your eyes, then
Watcher X was OK, but really all he was was the local quest giver. Take the spooky cool factor out of him out of it. He's just telling you...go let me cut you open. On Balmorra the resistance cell leader had your running here and there.

The Agent story wasn't very interesting or unique to me. I found Alderaan a bit more interesting because it was less about breaking up a cell and more about catching the Cortess traitor and the financial backer. How the Kiliks figured into it was interesting as well.

But look, it is already well established since my favorite class story is most people's most hated that I don't necessarily like what the majority likes!
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