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Agreed, all servers have toxic players, all servers have good, helpful players on. I personally think that SS is by far the worst though as I play on all of them. To a degree that it's worth transferring of because of a few toxic players? bad yes, that bad not by a long shot.

Personally I hope there is no sale on transfers all that will lead to is less servers in the long run. So players saying they want to move because there server has a few toxic players on won't help them, when that now low population server is removed and they join the one everyone moved to. |Plus anyone who has a lot of character will lose out yet again long term as they did last time.

You bring up a very good point also. IF they do a server transfer, a LOT of the toxic players will mass move their players over to SF. Which in turn then makes SF more toxic, and while I'm not an RPer, that does not bode well for them as they already have trouble with trolls & harassment.
I vote no on the server transfer sale for sure, for that reason alone. (Besides it's already heading that way as a lot of the more toxic ones transferred to SF for ranked last season.)

No server will be safe from toxicity unless a game decides to put in serious game monitors & really bans the repeat trouble makers.
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