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For 1.4 second global cooldown, you want to hit 1213 alacrity points if you run a spec that doesn't get an alacrity boost. For arsenal, which gets a 3% boost, you want to hit 7.15% alacrity. Sorry but I don't remember exactly how many points this is with the 3% buff. Make sure you hit these targets. Anything under, and any points in alacrity are a waste. Too much over is also a waste. You want to hit the threshold without going over too much. With all the R-1 R-2 R-3 etc. variations of enhancements, it's actually quite easy to hit these targets exactly using many different combinations, once you've stockpiled some alacrity enhancements on multiple alts.
Thank you!

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2374 alacrity is 1.3 GCD for Arsenal and Carnage right now
You`ll be left with about 2100crit with good augs, so about 37% crit chance
But Concetrated Fire buffs your crit chance upto 47%
So you can have higher crit chance than most classes (which has no alac buff, for example my PT with perfect stats has 44-45% crit chance with 3.3k crit) and higher alac treashold at once

high crit build is mentioned in this guide, but its unreachable, so you waste few alac points on it
also you don`t want to go too high with crit, because it becomes less efficient at some point (I think its 3.5k max), so you will prob need to put some mastery augments if you go for it
Thank you!
Players quit WZs they do not enjoy. You are losing PVPers.
Give players a choice of WZs, enough is enough (Huttball) already!

Good job increasing rewards for PVP! It was much needed, thank you.