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My toon is leaning heavily towards the high Crit build. What is the perfect cutoff for the crit build then, 600-650 alacrity and the rest in Crit?
For 1.4 second global cooldown, you want to hit 1213 alacrity points if you run a spec that doesn't get an alacrity boost. For arsenal, which gets a 3% boost, you want to hit 7.15% alacrity. Sorry but I don't remember exactly how many points this is with the 3% buff. Make sure you hit these targets. Anything under, and any points in alacrity are a waste. Too much over is also a waste. You want to hit the threshold without going over too much. With all the R-1 R-2 R-3 etc. variations of enhancements, it's actually quite easy to hit these targets exactly using many different combinations, once you've stockpiled some alacrity enhancements on multiple alts.