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So with Arsenal 2374 is the max cutoff for total alacrity if you are going for the Alacrity build versus the Critical hit build? Right now I have 800 Alacrity so even though I am not optimized perfectly yet as I just started playing again after a long break, my toon is leaning heavily towards the high Crit build. What is the perfect cutoff for the crit build then, 600-650 alacrity and the rest in Crit?

I have wondered if Iíd like a high alacrity build now. In the past I always did like the faster channels and attacks with high alacrity builds, but right now I am finally having some success hitting decently hard now after working on gears for the past 3 weeks so donít want to mess anything up while also wasting millions of credits getting different augs etc etc.
2374 alacrity is 1.3 GCD for Arsenal and Carnage right now
You`ll be left with about 2100crit with good augs, so about 37% crit chance
But Concetrated Fire buffs your crit chance upto 47%
So you can have higher crit chance than most classes (which has no alac buff, for example my PT with perfect stats has 44-45% crit chance with 3.3k crit) and higher alac treashold at once

high crit build is mentioned in this guide, but its unreachable, so you waste few alac points on it
also you don`t want to go too high with crit, because it becomes less efficient at some point (I think its 3.5k max), so you will prob need to put some mastery augments if you go for it