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05.27.2013 , 12:05 PM | #27
Heh. Well, if folks are not complaining they are not living, right?

At any rate, I think dual spec and reselect advanced should be released at the same time, but this is how I think both should work.

Reselect advanced class - Only allowed when class story is concluded. All points are naturally refunded.

It would cost CC to use, have a 15 day cooldown and all of your current gear would be removed from your toon. This way you could not sport heavy gear in a class that uses medium, etc.

Dual spec - Allowed when you choose your spec onward, but open use is only allowed after you conclude your class story.

Before your story conclusion dual spec would be restricted to use inside heroics, flashpoints, operations and warzones UNLESS the groupfinder tool allows you a free spec swap while qued to fill missing roles. It would be a permanent unlock feature, allowing you to save a particular saves point allocation and bar locations of specials but not gear setup. it would have a one hour cooldown, and would cost either EC or CC.

After conclusion of your storyline you are unlocked to spec swap any time you wish.