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Just curious are you still gearing up and if so how are you doing it?

I just started playing again and run vet mode FPS for gears seems I get about 1-3 gear piece upgrades per run. Guessing at this rate, I ought to be fully geared in a few weeks? I dunno.

Just wondering how others that came back are leveling up and getting gears.
I Still had a friend playing who quickly helped me get to 306,...Then showed me how to generate 2k+ tech frags an hour. Involved solo farming red reaper (max renown/exp boosts, ~15 min runs, + about 15-20 treasure hunting loot boxes per run , needed 5 max lvl companions). Got 5 characters with their full primary set with some lucky conquest crates. (still took me about 2 months lol, could only stand so much red reaper. But with some serious red reaper dedication its a complete set in like 10-15 hours)

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The issue with your scenario is people would seek out early deaths just to get the added abilities off cool down it would be strategically used I think.
Generally, I'm not sure that seeking out early deaths would help with objectives. Maybe hypergate in delaying/stalling point capture, but your also just feeding the other team points. In any case, players from both teams have that option available, could make for some interesting/fun matches .

Also, the main purpose of the suggestion is to try and reduce the amount of total pub-stomps (it won't prevent it, I know), and the subsequent /afk'ers which exacerbates the problem even worse. WZ like those are unfun/boring for either side.

So ya, a change like this, isn't trying to address fairness, or competitive balance. In fact, It does the opposite, it provides a crutch for a weaker side but, in doing so, hopefully improves the experience for both sides.

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lol ya give me guarded by the force back off cd after every death. Great idea.
If you're still dying multiple times before that cooldown would normally refresh, unfortunately this idea wouldn't be strong enough to support you, since ya know, you're still dying...