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Personally, I've been trying to keep my expectations low and be pleasantly surprised. I'm just not seeing it. Granted i'm glad to see new content and will gladly play what I can, but i just don't see this as the soft relaunch that you do. Like I said, I hope i'm pleasantly surprised...
When it comes to this game and Bioware, that’s usually the best approach. And even in the past when my expectations have been low, Bioware have still found away to disappoint.

I’m going into this one with my eyes fully opened (after pts testing). Most of the new systems tested on the pts are appalling and if the Story is “meh” or not enough, I think those new gearing systems and other change are going to kill the game really fast.

I think they’re taking a massive gamble with the game using an extremely heavy RNG system through out the whole eco system of the game. And let’s not forget the amount of credit sinks that they’ve added, which I think will back fire in their face when people start buying credits from 3rd party sites to compensate with the huge credit costs and grind.

The only thing I didn’t test on the pts was the new daily areas and op. And of course the story part wasn’t on the pts to test.
For me, everything is hanging on the story now because everything else is set to drive me away. Which is really disappointing because I’ve loved this game and been subbed for 8 years (except for 3 weeks).