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Flame burst doesnt ignore armor, so get your **** straight before you rant. And High impact bolt/railshot doesnt completely ignore armor either, it ignores 90% with 8 points required to get that from the tree. ( the 30% is the upper part of a mini tree) And your info that it always places a dot and snares and blah blah, thats all tree feated. You know what else triggers a proc, is spammable, and snares? Force lightning. Lots of classes have feed in skills.
Flame burst / Ion Pulse actually does elemental damage, which by default ignores armor.

However, it is certainly not an OP damaging ability compared to other instant casts and it is our main spam tool, making it have a cast-time would absolutely ravage this class.

Can you imagine a Vanguard tank having to cast his main ability constantly to get aggro (already a problem) and stacking absorb buff up while being involved in multi-mob, or mobile fights in raids.
That would be absolutely ridiculous.