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We are the only class that is required to use autoattacks in regards of ressource management
Do you honestly believe that? Have you played any other classes?

If you believe that, and have the other classes as well, I would very much like to know your rotations, because I have not played a single AC except maybe hybrid lightning/madness sorc that can spam all of their abilites without going out of force/tech/heat etc. Granted sage/sorc have a large pool, so they take a long time to go dry, but when they are dry they are really dry. All others with "fast" regenerating resource need to manage that resource carefully or else they run dry as well. (dont forget, warriors have to use their default attack to generate rage (vengeance jugg rarely needs to use this)) So, in my experience, all classes needs to use default attacks (no autoattack in TOR) in regards of resource management (except, as stated above, sorc/sage).
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