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Powertech specced as Pyrotech currently do an unbalanced amount of damage in warzones being above all other classes by a big margin. This is only one class has all its main attacks completly ignore target armor. This is only one class with all instant casts ranged attacks. Playstyle is rediculius, you run pressing few button and do crazy damage on the move slowing enemies at the same time. This class ruins PvP completly and it should be stopped.
PvP is about skills and tactics, with powertech you don't need this, just spam flame burst and railshot and see everyone dead.

The nerf powertech needs:
1. railshot should not ignore armor, for instant cast skill 30 meters range completly ignore armor is too OP.
2. Something should be done with flame burst. It is way too much having 10 meter range instant cast ability with no CD which do high damage, place dot, slow target and ignore armore at the same time. It shoul be placed on 10 seconds CD or have 1.5 sec cast time and it should not ignore armor.

Generally overall powertech damage ignoring target armor and spammable slow should be precisely reconsidered.

Powertech burns any class in seconds especially sages and operatives with no option to survive. many classes cannot play at all if powertech on them. I have powertech and burned other classes in seconds using very easy rotation. Usually good powertechs are on the top of every warzone damage with a gap about 100k - 200k to any othe class.
So let me get this straight, you want a 10m range skill to have a 1.5 sec cast? That makes no sense, thats like giving a melee class a cast on a melee skill. They have one channel skill thats melee damage and do you see how many issues that had from launch to 1.2? Thats a rediculous idea.

Flame burst doesnt ignore armor, so get your **** straight before you rant. And High impact bolt/railshot doesnt completely ignore armor either, it ignores 90% with 8 points required to get that from the tree. ( the 30% is the upper part of a mini tree) And your info that it always places a dot and snares and blah blah, thats all tree feated. You know what else triggers a proc, is spammable, and snares? Force lightning. Lots of classes have feed in skills.

Does this class beast? yeah it does, but so do other classes, like sents and mara's or Tank dps gear assassins and shadows. Hell really any class. You can nerf my vanguard and it woudlnt slow me down at all, I can out damage powertechs and vanguards on my sniper, or my sage regardless. And I kill healers easier on sniper.

People have to use thier heads, the class is squishy, just gank them. Who cares about 1v1? I win 1v1s, 2v1's 3v1's all the time on a plethera of classes. It means nothing. Winning and teamplay means everything. Just focus fire the pyro on sight like he were a healer, I bet he has a ****** day. They go down in seconds from a good dps.

People have to understand wanting nerfs at this stage in the game is horrible for the game. No class is so bad at this stage in the game that they are just Rofling everyone, Did any of you play warhammer, remember bright wizards? That class was nerfed in every patch from launch to two years into the game and they were still the best ranged DPS in the game by far. This games balance isnt that bad, people just need to get good. And some classes need buffing, If there are weak classes, or OVERNERFED classes, buff them, like arsenal merc and the commando mirror, op/scoun dps. But dont over buff, just give them more tools for success in todays state of the game.

Everyone should feel powerful on thier class. Thats what keeps subs and people playing a range of classes healthy for variety of the games fights. Remember how many ops and scoundrels there were towards launch? How many do you see dpsing now? close to none. Thats what happens when you nerf. How many mercs and comamndos do you see tracer/graving now compared to before? Not nearly as much, alot of them quit the game, servers died. lets not keep screwing that up by repeating it.
Lets nerf marauders and sentinels and assassins and shadows and then vanguards and powertechs too. Lets only leave juggs and guardians and sorcs and sages fighting each other all day.