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They don't need 4-10 meters. 10-30 is enought.
Termal detonator, unload, railshot, rapid shots, incedary missile, explosive dart - 30 meters.
Only flame burst is 10 meters.
Their survivability is pretty descent heavy armor, self heal and shield on cd, which can be reduced significantly if specced. They actually have better survivability than dps specced guards, but guard needs to always be in 4 meters.
DPS specced Guard has the same shield but on longed CD. Powertech has good self heal with cool down reduction if specced. Guard has small self heal on long CD which consume a LOT of focus. If you use self heal on guard you run out of focus.
Nope. Flame burst (10 m) and rocket punch (4 m) renew rail shot. Without that pyrotech can't do thing.

Think about it.