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i am so disappointed, but shamefully not surprised, by this loathesome, cretinous choice of action by bioware aka ea's cash pinata. It was overwhelmingly obvious to even the most casual of observers that combining all the servers into one australian located pve server was by far the most popular choice. Merging the populations into seperate us based servers does not solve the problem of not having people to play with, because the vast majority of natives of the destination server will not be online during our prime playtimes. You've essentially turned our populations into graveyard shifts in the interests of shedding the maximum possible amount of financial outlay, rather than listening to the people who have continued to support you through the toughest times. A loyal community whom you supposedly "surveyed and researched" but chose to ignore, making this joke of a penny pinching choice over choosing to find a balanced and mutually beneficial result for people whose playtime actually occurs at a mutual time. The only thing that apac players stand to gain from this horrendously woeful idea is an extra 100-200 latency. We will not have more people to play with, as the majority of our new "community" simply will not be online at the same time as us.

For our unwavering loyalty to you through all these hard times, we apac players deserved better from you bioware. But who gives a **** right? You already have our cash and pre-orders for the xpack right? Bioware seriously sucks.
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