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Yeah unlikely, I could see them adding new advanced classes to the existing classes, but a new class would require them to have new voice acting done for both a new series of class quests and for all existing content in the game.
Not necessarily, if they add new classes to the game then they could easily set them after the events of kotfe/kotet on entirely new worlds as starting areas to reflect the changes that happened to the galaxy. There's classes like the scout, noble, gladiator/duelist, fringer, tech specialist, and force adept to name just a few. They could create class storylines again other than just "the outlander" since that storyline was basically lackluster when they decided to condense everything instead of making specific storylines for each class. Obviously, level would have to also match the new content so perhaps starting at level 60 you go through new content to get to 70 on said class specific stories instead of the outlander story. They should also create new story content for each of the current classes too instead of just leaving it a condensed mess. That was the original intent behind the game, so each class had something unique for the playthrough. We can keep throwing suggestions at them in threads like this until we're blue in the face however, but they'll never really listen cause they no longer have the team necessary to accomplish that or the funding.