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Quote: Originally Posted by Trukendoos View Post
Friend of mine has a dc once per 2 hours because of his unstable provider.
And this is Bioware's problem how?
Quote: Originally Posted by Trukendoos View Post
Does Bioware even take their customers seriously?
Of course they do. Do customers even take companies seriously? What, with all the "fix it now", "do what I say or else I'm leaving" demands and crap? No, really, do they?

This thread was started ON A WEEKEND. Anyone that knows corporate structure KNOWS you're not going to see anything done on a weekend. They'll fix it when they can, but they're NOT going to break out and fix it over the weekend. No way, no how.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trukendoos View Post
Not keeping in mind that not everyone has a super stable internet connection is a big flaw that will not be taking lightly by many players.
Guess what? Too bad
If you don't have a super stable internet connection, or a fast internet connection, you don't need to be playing games like this. This game wasn't made for everyone, ESPECIALLY if you can't even bother to pay for an up to date internet connection.
This has nothing to do with 'customer service' on Bioware's part. They've been more than accommodating, they've been more than friendly and helpful. People like your "friend" who have unstable internet connections don't need to be playing games like this. it's just that simple.

It's amazing the QQ'ing, entitlement, do this now, fix this or I quit attitude that people get here.

#1: this game IS NOT LAUNCHED. You're in pre-launch mode. EXPECT PROBLEMS!
#2: You're not PAYING for a 'subscription' (yet). Again, you've got nothing to whine about. Yes, you paid for a GAME, but that GAME doesn't entitle you to play with guildies, friends, besties, girlfriends, wives, sons, daughters, parents, etc.... That GAME entitles you to play a GAME, which CAN be done, very easily, without queuing. I've been doing it all weekend long. Don't like the queue? MOVE ON, at least until it's fixed.