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Yes this is possible. However I'm still gearing up with my raid just like most of us are and while I'm averaging 192 now with full new augments and biochem I don't have new set bonuses or a 198 MH (16m is the new nightmare mode). As I mention in the guide, the old set bonuses are total trash for this spec. This means I'm not in a position to challenge parses set by better geared players if that's what you're looking for.

For a similar reason I can't actually carry out the strongest opener as the autocrit you'd use for it is in the 6pc set bonus.

Parses to prove it all works are entirely possible.

I will be looking to have the commando translation complete for Christmas

That's totally understandable, Im averaging around 4.5k using this rotation on a 1mil dummy with a 2 192 set bonus and mix of 198/192 gear with a few 186 enhancements. Otherwise a very simple rotation and pretty fun to put in practice