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08.20.2015 , 01:01 AM | #31
So far not a fan of the new set bonus (2). I've read it only works out to about 0.66% DR on average. If you are like me and often sacrificing a 198 vendor armouring for a 192 for the set bonus, you will lose some DR anyway from the armour loss which makes the (2) kind of pointless unless you have access to (4).

As for the (4), its a decent idea but its more of a utility than something thats essential to have. I am yet to try (6) but I would think the extra charges would be useful, especially when combined with the old (2) set bonus (not even sure if this is possible?)

I would love to see more ''quality of life'' set bonus like increase duration on harnessed darkness/shadows, making it last maybe an extra two seconds. Even better, make thet ticks of volts/debris +4stacks instead of +1 so when we lose the stacks, the consequence is not so bad as we can quickly get back our 4 stacks in one debris tick.