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11.19.2017 , 09:48 AM | #1
You guys tried to copy and paste WoW mechanics at the beginning and you never changed idea on that for years, but the HUGE amount of shields, self heal and CC alwasy destroyed the balance and the enjoyment because when parties have healers it becomes tedious, boring and unbalanced.

In addition to that, with the ability lag which always affected this game it becomes somethimes impossible to coordinate moves and choose the right ability at the right moment (but who cares, story and dubbing are good).

Lastly, abilities needs to be removed and purged. There are tons of high CD skills which keep you monitoring skillbars COSTANTLY so that you never actually know what the hell is going on the battlefeild.

Hope next time EA will move this IP to someone else as a GLORIOUS PVP MMO based on SW NEEDS TO HAPPEN! That pew pew Battlefront is an insult.