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No, but force speed has a stun breaker in it if you choose the right ability (as long as you donít get netted)

Also, if you donít have every class with speed ability, you donít need so many mez (soft stun abilities) or slow affects.

When every class has speed, it becomes speed wars. When there are too many stuns, it becomes stun wars.
It seems every meta it has swung back and forth between the two. One meta would be stuns, the next would be speed. So to try and balance it out, they would add more of them the next meta instead of nerfing them, they buffed it added more.

Now itís at the point that they canít add anymore or it becomes too ridiculous, so they have started to add more immunities. This pattern will probably continue because they canít go much further with stuns or speed. Which I think is a mistake because itís hard enough as it is to know which immunity or stun will over rule the other if you donít play all the classes. If all you do is read your own ability or utility descriptions, they say things like ďit will rootĒ the other player. But no where does it say ďunless they have an immunityĒ. Then you have to work out whose ability over rules the other. Which often requires finding a guide or coming to the forums to complain itís broken (which you shouldnít have to do).

IMO (which is probably wrong) the last thing we need is more immunities. What we need is them to nerf some of these speed abilities and soft stun and slow abilities. Then they could nerf some of the extra break abilities and go back to where each class had one hard stun and CC.
We could then have distinct classes again and specialist spec that could have one extra slow or mez. ie, Engineering snipers grenade could still have a slow.

Which leads to another point of contention. Just about every class or spec has a similar ability now to all other classes.
And they are becoming too generic. Which is why I think the tactical items are beng introduced in 6.0. If they didnít do that, they would be hard pressed to give new abilities without ability bloating and more generic feeling classes.

Ie, my rage Jugg and Fury Mara have basically the same rotation on the same abilities. There are only some small differences and they are around DCDs and Predation or Guard. Everything else is basically the same.
Madness Sorcs and Lighting Sorcs are basically both dot specs instead of one being dot (madness) and one being burst (lightning). IMO, lightning doesnít need dots.

Of course there are still some fundamental differences between certain specs and classes. But I find that these are getting smaller with each meta. ie, now immunities are starting to spread. Iím all for an immunity on a class, but only if itís too offset another weak ability. There needs to be a trade off somewhere or all classes will be over powered and too grindy to kill. ie, A Merc should not feel like you are trying to kill a tank. If someone wants to play a Mando type tank, the only spec should be the PT tank.

You should either have really strong dps and weaker DCDs or the other way around. What we have now is classes that are poorly balanced and immunities have a lot to do with that. Adding more will only make it worse.
My poor Lightning Sorc has weak burst but is hard to kill in a 1v1. So unless the other player is a god or an Operative, I wonít kill them and they wonít kill me. That is the concept of boring and utter frustration for both people.
I would gladly trade off some of my survivability for some stronger burst that may allow me to kill something.

Mercís should not have had their Dps nerfed after 5.0. They should have had their DCDs nerfed instead. No one had a problem with the damage, only their ability to face tank everything and not die. Bioware as per usual didnít listen to expert player feed back. Iím talking about the highest ranked players here who explained exactly what the issue was and how to fix it. If Bioware had listened instead of nerfing classes dps, everyone would have been happier.
Yes!!! I honestly agree with most of what you said, the problem with the pvp is that it is too mundane and repetitve, we know what each class has and exactly how to fight it. We need more creativity which is what I was saying the entire time. In regards to the post you responded to, I was just stating the reason why certain classes are op and why certain classes are not and the root of this issue is hard stuns. We need more creativity and innovative ideas that will allow each class to feel unique and different without adding more of what is already in the game. Do you have any ideas at all that might work rather than what you think would not work?