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If DPS sins were able to move like the ninja class in BDO and everytime they used a dash ability ( on a cooldown of course) they could evade dmg/stuns/ccs then dps sins would be considered a much stronger class (possibly even match the level of merc/mara).
But that is stupid. Why would you want to make a Sin as strong as either of those two. They already have some of the strongest survival abilities. All that would do is make them the top dps meta and they would be stupidly OP.
They already do some good damage. In a 1v1, you can wear down most other classes and win the fight, especially against a Mara and a Merc.

As it stands, both Merc and Mara’s already have OP survivability. The Mara I can understand because they are the only class without a self healing ability or hard stealth out of combat ability. Camo does not break combat like the Sins stealth out,

What needs to happen is some nerfs, not buffs.