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Interesting point of view. Like mention before I never seen this theory before too.
What little info I could find on the "Inquistor" of this era, specially Darth Imperius is base on what happens in-game:


I often speculate that Darth Nox, Darth Occlus and Darth Imperious are 3 different people that were at that time somehow intertwine with everything that happen at that time. Or he/she is ONE person who wanted his history to not be clear for some reason...
However when it comes to force powers and martial combat you can see that the only difference comes in their powers and abilities, beside the different choices that lead to the peak of their powers. (often mentioning what were the abilities they specialize in combat)
So you might be on to something... that we have not consider before!

I will agree however that Darth Imperius is probably the most interesting, unique and complicated character I ever encounter in any game or literature in the Star Wars Universe... (IMO)

I'm not sure if it was intended to be this interesting for a game character, but it makes the Inquisitor story VERY good! Its the only class that makes me want to play it more than ones because how different that he can be as Nox or Occlus when it comes to lore and tiny juicy dialog.

I probably buy all his books and merchandise if his story was some form, specially if its as huge and long story you read and play SWTOR in-game.
Oh... make my mouth water (in a mater of speaking) just thinking of reading and seeing Art of the Inquisitor facing against the Eternal Emperor... I'm such a nerd Haha!

SOOOOOoooo respect for my fellow Darth Imperius fan... great read! Man Im so hype for new content to drop for SWTOR so I can jump again with Darth Imperius