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Well, as it turns out, I *don't* think I'll be getting around to updating this thread every week! Planning and hosting events combined with all the stuff I do IRL and for the admin of the guild leaves little time for forums-recaps! However, I'll still do my best to update this thread, as to encourage ideas and suggestions.

In this week's update, I'll detail one of our "Council RP"s. Between two of our sister guilds' ceremonies, yours truly had timed an event to have several of our officers available on their Council toons. We met in our guild's Stronghold, in our version of the Jedi Council chambers. Therein, volunteers brought up either their own scenarios, or took a suggestion from yours truly. My best screenshot, from this:

Ideally, we were to orchestrate three scenarios, but we were running on borrowed time; the two events this fell between also take time to setup and disperse, from - so we only had time to play out two scenarios, this time. In the first scenario, Master Yimira brought up a personal RP matter with the Council. The exchanges are all un-scripted, as they only follow an original premise. Yimira had a chance to go back-and-forth with the Council on what she viewed as in-action, thus far. As such, we RP-ordered a full investigation, but also played down resources. In the end, it was decided to assemble a team from Shadows and sources within our Republic Privateers sister-guild.

In the second scenario, a volunteer accepted a suggestion, based on COMEDY (the options are comedy or drama). As such, the volunteer - Knight Lhaertis - had no idea what the scenario would be, ahead of time! However, he was able to pick up on our queues, about being called before the Council to explain "how it was that an Elder Jedi in his care had passed away, during still-body meditation - and why it took nearly three days to realize this". Many expressed enjoyment at the premise, and Lhaertis had some awesome responses. In fact, he even threw in his own addition to the premise, in which he'd obtained a nearby rock that appeared to be humming - just as the Elder Jedi had been quite notoriously fond of doing. In the end, the scenario played out to the determination that the Elder was likely attempting to project his conscious self into the rock - except something went wrong! A twist we'd neither planned on, nor had any inkling of knowing ahead of time that this is how the scenario would play out - a true exercise in RP!

Yours truly will attempt to keep up with updates, moving forward - even if they are not weekly. Again, any of your suggestions for 10-15 minute RP scenarios are welcomed, and encouraged!

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