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If there is a transfer sale and you want to support this game I would highly recommend moving some alts (and maintaining said alts) to Satele Shan - particularly if you are on Star Forge, whose population numbers are inflated due to RP.

Having played on Satele Shan for the past summer thru the month-long double event I have found that a case could be made that server's population is almost equal to Star Forge's if the strictly RP element was excluded.

As a Florida resident who plays during East Coast USA's late night, early morning hours - I've found that there is enough of a APAC presence (who are 12 hours ahead of us) to have frequent queues for 8v8 pvp matches, Flash Points, and even Story Mode Operations.

Satele Shan is more casual with just enough toxicity to be interesting.

Support the game.
Support Satele Shan.
I found the opposite. Was playing on SF for most of the summer and surprised how easily the pops came for pvp and FPs. Granted, that was during 2xp, but it was still a significant change from SS. I don't notice any particular toxicity on either server - if you don't like toxic players, stay away from fleet and capital worlds on all servers - but given a sale I would definitely move several chars from SS to SF.

SS, despite its problems, is still my home server and i have a lot of stuff unlocked there, but not so many server slots. I'd like to make some room and dump some chars I don't play anymore on to SF.
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