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09.21.2019 , 01:38 AM | #24
The double stance bug was in the game for less than 2 months. And ever since it was fixed, Deception got nothing but nerfs (and mind you, it started with 5.0 with Phase Walk taken away). Even when Hatred got a small buff BW nerfed the class as a whole (remember when they changed Shapeless Spirit?).
And while sins were in a good position in S1 because of the bug, it was the time, when Arsenal mercs had 3 lives if they were bad and a lot more if they were good, while having insanely high dps and zero energy management. And there were the skank PTs and Juggs with insanely high AOE/cleave damage outputs (and quite often with their pocket sorc healers). We had to wait for a very long time for those to be nerfed. A lot longer than they had to for the double stance bugfix.

Btw, you started your list with phantom stride being better than leap. Care to elaborate? Because first of all, it has a much longer cd than leap, can't be used against entrenched snipers and is buggy af, you can consider yourself lucky if it doesn't send you to orbit or gets you stucked in some pebble on the ground - if it teleports you to your target, you can even open a bottle of champagne.

Also, noone cares that you've been playing fury for a long time, through fire and water. The past is irrelevant. What's important is the present and the future. And the thing is, fury maras have been one of the best classes for quite some time now and they still will be, while sins get only flashes from time to time and then nerfed because BW doesn't want dps sins to be the meta neither in PvE nor in PvP. And this is clearly reflected on the 6.0 sets, which are a bunch of horsecrap compared to other classes.