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Mezz is a stun that breaks with damage, A root is a stun or stopping action that resembles being rooted to the ground, a snare is a slow. Yes you're right I was suppose to say snare. Deception was the Meta because of double stance and varying other components that led to a huge nerf Deception mains cried about for months.

Yes I just realised is a mezz, however I am wrong indeed but I don't use Deception which I have stated and I am sure it was bugged because it never use to break.
A root is not a stun as it does not stop you from attacking/using defensives. Playing deception/infiltration in tank stance was never meta and existed way before 5.0. I created the first version of that when we still had the points to put into trees (12/31/3). Turrican was another player who played it but used a more defensive version which was like (18/27/1) if i remember correctly.
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