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Now, I know the OP stated that the tanking rotation stuff is outdated, but I'd just like to say that I've never used the rotation he's listed (played off and on since launch, with a large gap after the first year, anyhoo.)

My rotation is shock > wither > thrash > shock > dep volts > maul (when proc'd) > ward > repeat. This rotation has always allowed for damn near perfect cd time for abilites, not to mention the reset proc of abilites like shock.

IDK where he gets this saber strike, saber strike, stuff from and I never run into any issues with force.
Well, considering your rotation fails an average of 50% of the time, I highly doubt you've never had any issues executing it.

That said, do we play the same game? Have you ever fought a boss with a super low rate of attack? Have you done more than solo content? Did you know you can use Dark Ward off of the global cooldown, and don't need to hold a spot open in your rotation for it? Do you ever even use Discharge for the 5% accuracy debuff on up to 8 enemies, not to mention the ludicrous threat it now generates?

Now maybe I've misinterpreted what you've said, but I don't think we play the same game.
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