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Madness hybrid is the only viable dps spec for pvp. It's good against snipers and ok against sentinels. I'm not enterly sure if full madness is any good as I haven't played that spec for sages in a few months so most of my information comes from fighting them. Sorcerer with a madness hybrid spec won't last against a pyro or vanguard, but is more even against a sentinel/maras in 1v1, but like trooper will suffer against melee if you don't spec into bubble stun. Even with bubble stun your pretty squishy and you will most likely have to los a lot and run away to let you dots do the work for you.

If the opposing team has a healer you will most likely not get many kills assuming the healer is competent and geared. You also won't ever kill a healer. The dots can be disbelled and dot spec doesn't have any burst so a healer can easily heal through it.

Personally, I think the powertech is a lot better in terms of dps, but you probably already know this based on your vanguard. Sorcerers aren't as good unlike snipers. Realistically, the only competitive range class is a sniper. Dot sorcerers are more like annoying than a real threat.

The only time I lost to a dot sorcerer on my sentinel was due to being out geared and he using a pvp health med, which I didn't have any. Gear and use of pvp med kit being equal he would undoubtedly lost. As i mention before you will have to los all the time to dps. You won't last if a sniper focus you out in the open or get caught by melee. Thus, you will be los a lot, maybe even more than a healing spec sorcerer since your more squish when focus.

The powertech is far superior to the sorcerer in terms of dps, but since you already have a vanguard it might be redundant to play a powertech. This won't be an easy choice the way I see it is you go for the powertech because it's better at pvping or you level the sorcerer due to not having one. Also keep in mind a lot can change due to nerfs or major game changes like the Makeb. Although nothing is certain it's nice having alternate class if you get bored or your class/spec gets completely nerf.

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