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I see the questions that start to arise and I wonder why now??

I mean this concept has been here forever. You grind gear, which becomes irrelevant after a year or so. Sure, what you can do is sub after an expansion is out, play through it and then be done and unsub. This way you play the game as a single player game, which gets constant content updates. You play for the story. However, with this method you might as well watch the stuff on youtube and not even bother playing the game.

When you subscribe you actually contribute to the game and its development. Imagine that everyone would only sub when an expansion is out and then unsub after 3 weeks of playing through everything the new content has to offer. This would ruin the game pretty fast.

Also this is an MMO, its not the idea of the game to be only played when new stuff comes out. The idea is to have groups of people play the game for a common goal, mainly to have fun This is why group activities like PVP, GSF, FPS and operations are an important part of the game cause they provide constant fun, not like the story part which when played through is done.

This means that everyone should know what he expects from the game. However people should not confuse this game with a single player game that keeps on getting DLCs. If people start treating the game like this, there will soon be no game.
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