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10.22.2019 , 06:36 PM | #1
so i logged in today and wasnt able to find the new content on the ship.. there was one priority mission but its from the level 55 area that i obviously skipped over at some point

so i try rolling a brand new level 70 bc im an alt alholic and all my other toons are a mess.. rolling a fresh 70 puts you right at the start of jedi under siege and that on its face really isnt a problem.. the problem im having is now going back to my main i have no clear understanding of if i've done all the stuff i needed to.. i thought i had because i have 'priority contact missions' but is there something else im missing took me like an hour to understand the content i was doing was like old old stuff and i just dont want to waste any more time.. it was also a bummer for me as someone who hasnt been playing regularly to find that the next level of crafting is 500k each.. which again isnt a capital p problem.. but i feel like none of it was messaged or if it was.. i missed it and honestly this post is more me being disapointed in myself for not being ready