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Well i'm fanatic egalitarian on the level of freedom for the AIs style. So to me Empire is an absolute no-go until i see evidence, that they went into that direction. But if i were made an evil sith-emperor goal guy, then i would take the throne of Zakuul, and become the Emperor of everything. Republic, Sith Empire, Zakuul. They all would bow before my superiority.

I think the next expansion will rekindle the old republic vs sith empire style. Hopefully with the true faction change possiblity. For now switching faction only means, that you sabotage yours, and not truly side with the other. But i believe, that this is a mere preparation of what is to come. A whole new storyline where you truly join a chosen faction and must fight with part of your own alliance to lead it to victory. At the end of Ossuss the intergalactic war is back on business.

What i would prefer is a phase shift for all planets to reflect the new war, and conflict. The main story would start with 4 path (republic, empire, and boths' betrayed version), then shortly after start your aligment gets revealed, and after a "civil war" inside the Alliance you would join the Republic, or the Empire for the rest of the new main story. Companion killing would come to a whole new level as many of your companions would decline your decision. It would be a justified way to reduce the number of followers which is way too high right now.