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1. Ah, so he will almost completely copy Vader storyline. "Booo I'm a more machine than a man, tell your sister you were right about me!" - bleh. For all degeneracy I saw in this game recently, I am really afraid that in the end of things I will see Malgus joining the Light Side and the Jedi (like Scourge or that weakminded p ussy on Tatooine in Jedi Knight story). But still you've got a point, maybe it's too early to judge.
This has nothing to do with Vader, Vader's story is about his redemption. Malgus will likely never be redeemed. And what "degeneracy" have you seen in this game? I'm rather curious now. And Scourge doesn't join the Light Side, your misunderstanding of the character is great there, he allies with the Jedi so he can help them take down the Emperor because that was his vision of the Hero of Tython being the one to kill the Emperor.

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2. I was talking about Malgus more like about a symbol. A symbol of glory and devastating power of Old Sith Empire. "Yes, Korriban is OURS again!" - such love and pride was put in this line by him. I thought (irrationally, I might agree) that behind all of his sadness and dissapointment towards Vitiate Empire he was still a proper old-school Sith Lord who just needs a short and nice vacation to remember who he really is and throw out of the window all this nonsense about "reforming". Inner b itching about his twilek girlfriend didn't and won't help him to defeat the Republic once and for all.
Reforming is the only way the Empire will survive.

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3. Wow, such an evil and terrible deed - to destroy a planet on which no one lives except a couple of Jedi colonists! Ah, and burn some books with the librarian too! EVIL MASTERMIND DESTROYS A GHOST TOWN WITHOUT A POPULATION - who the **** cares anyway? Just compare this to Sacking of Coruscant, the Campaign in Core Worlds - I was expecting a lot more, when I heard about "returning to old narrative".
Well yes, it is an evil deed regardless of how you see it. This is merely a preemptive strike dude chill out, the Sith are attacking the Jedi so they don't have time to recover. And the symbolism about Ossus' destruction could be used to argue that no matter where the Jedi are, the Sith will find them and hunt them down. This is merely a set up to a great war to come, likely in the form of the expansion. So chill out and wait for it "This is only the beginning".

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And also I really insist that without slavery and racism Sith Empire is not Sith Empire, it's a bleh like Empire of Thrawn - a compromise for WEAKLINGS and normies who don't have guts to be evil, but who want to pretend they are "evil". Cool aesthetics and edgy speeches without really controversal (in the eyes of player) deeds. Killing Jedi is not controversal since there are majority of players who think the Jedi are nothing more than self-righteous hypocrites (and that's a pretty fair point).
It is the Sith Empire, slavery is still there. So is racism but thankfully its being overrun. You mean Empire of the Hand, and Thrawn was a mastermind strategist, he embodied what the Empire should be. And Thrawn could be pretty evil when he needed, but only when the situation actually called for it.
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