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***********SPOILERS************* (though its only for the sequel trilogy that sucked)

It wasnt George Lucas's fault it was Disneys. Disney purchased the rights from George Lucas. Even though George Lucas wrote an idea for the sequel trilogy Disney didn't do any of that most probably because they thought they knew better (now look at them). Daisy Ridley (actor of Rey in the sequel trilogy) told everyone that Disney had no clue for the plot of the sequel trilogy which goes to show that they should have laid the series to rest. The Tv series they have made are good but the movies just suck in general (coming from someone who liked the force awakens which was a pretty good film tbh). The series had so much potential after The force awakens was released but even then Disney effed up after killing Han solo off. Then effed up after killing luke in the 2nd film of the trilogy THEN they killed Leia off in the 3rd film. Disney had no clue what they were doing from the get go to the end of the series and made what is the worst star wars trilogy (in my opinion) of all time.
To cut them some slack on Leia, I heard she was supposed to survive the sequel trilogy, but Disney had to alter the plot of the third film to accommodate for Carrie Fisher's death.