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It would have been avoided if people read the Dev Tracker and made themselves aware that the armor designs were bugged and that a fix was coming then asked Bioware to implement the unintended set as well. All this drama was simply brought on by the ignorance of those refusing to make themselves aware of the known issues then complain when something unintended gets fixed.
At the time I wasn't aware that the Phantom Armour was the same as the un-named armour in some of the Cash Shop pictures - I don't make a habit of finding out everything in each and every cartel box. I suppose I'll have to do so in the future (or simply avoid buying anything that comes from the Cash Shop).

I still don't understand why wanting a compromise on the armour design (particularly given that the incorrect Phantom armour design was allowed to exist for so long) makes me such a terrible, awful person, but I guess I'll just have to live with being a terrible, awful person.