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07.13.2015 , 06:28 PM | #23
IMO madness/balance doesnt need an alacrity boost to do higher damage so for the M/B spec, 2 piece set bonus is useless. The 6 piece is additionally useless because it literally does nothing for PVP where the fights are so fast, the cool down doesnt come into the equation, especially in Ranked warzones. Even in PVE, I dont keep spamming Recklessness on cooldown because its kind of situational.

Make the 2 piece set bonus stay as a Damage increase and make the 6 piece set bonus give us an auto crit. It literally makes no sense that you give all other Damage spec's a 6 piece thats an autocrit but Sorc/Sage Damage are the only ones with a useless set bonus.