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How about no? Why would you bother suggesting to remove 8 man queue's? Why not just ask for a solo queue also?

I'm just suggesting to make the 8-man queue as a server ranking system instead of the only way to earn RWZ comms.

No it will be a frustrating pug crap storm like normal pvp is. There's a reason people like competitive pvp is because when everyones in equal gear it becomes a skill factor sir.

By having queued in groups of rating based on solo queue, the system is going to weed out the bad players for you. Hence giving each match a more competitive feel.

You do realize this is a team play objective based pvp system right? It should be whoever coordinates better does better.

You're aware of what's been happening in ACW and NC. This isn't competitive in a healthy way. By adding something random it gives it a different feel EVERY match instead of the same experience every time. (If I wanted to do the same thing over and over again I would do Operations/flash points)

You mean by having solo only queue it will drive away any real competition between guilds or groups of players...

See server rankings section.

Well maybe you should put in the dedication or learn to queue dodge them huh? Get the team comp and learn to play with one another.

Telling me to exploit bad mechanics in game is not the RIGHT answer.

No, just no. JUST NO. Worst system to get gear ever for any MMO.

It was only bad when there wasn't a way to earn them OTHER THAN the % of it dropping. Adding a way to upgrade all the comms you're getting would be better. 5 BM baggs reward 75 champ comms, therefore make 1 BM comm require 75 champ comms. IMO warzone comms should be spent on consumables and all that other cosmetic stuff. It shouldn't be used exclusivly to upgrade all your gear. Besides the bags rewards performance not time grinding.

TOTES all we need is more people to stop attacking or not using their CC to cap the turret.
Oh woo more ball hogs in normal pvp.
Much better pvp dailies and weeklys can be made up then this... like ones that require OW pvp.

Instead of just trashing the idea, why don't you add your own thoughts and give some suggestions that would be better. Just by adding that you think a suggestion is garbage isn't enough to scratch the idea. Provide alternatives or suggestions to improve on the idea.

No not everyone has access to this.

Um.. If you can level a toon to 50, and can spare 15,000 credits you can afford this/have access to this... It's a legacy reward.

's your own fault if you're capped... should probably pay attention.
It's your own fault if you don't have these you should probably pay attention

Terrible response. Nothing constructive here. Surely the people queueing for warzones to repair can't be anyworse than the leavers/queue dodgers we have now. And with legacy vendors it's way to easy to ask someone in your group to whip one out.
By just stating your opinion isn't enough. Give reasons/facts why each is good and bad.