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I would have preferred another explanation for the jedi and sith's inability to defeat these knights other than a special connection to the force.
I mean force bonds connected to arcann and vaylen instead, making their devoted knights more powerful than they would be normally. Anything other than what we got.
There was a very easy explanation.

The Republic and Empire were weakened from, decades of war with each other (Corellia), Dread War and it's lasting effects, the war against the Revanites, and Ziost's destruction. Plus during every distraction, they continued to be at war with each other.

It's isn't so much that Arcann/Thexan (initially) and then Arcann/Vaylin with the Eternal Fleet were "stronger" than the Jedi or Sith, it was just there was whole other empire out there that neither side could win. It is important to note that Arcann and Vaylin are the children of the strongest Force user ever. Plus, they have a legion of Force users (Zakuul Knights) that have no notion of light or dark just loyalty to the throne. Look at the Jedi and the Sith with their morality issues. You don't see that with the Knights minus Senya.

Zakuul, combined with it's Force users, leaders (Valkorion, Arcann, Vaylin), technology, and the timing of the weakness of the Republic/Empire are the reasons why the Jedi/Sith had zero chance.
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