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Like I said in the OP, though, every single Act I has the same story structure. Let's take the most commonly cited favorite the IA. The IA faces the exact same issue and choice on every planet. Break up the terrorist cell. That's it. If the JC story can be boiled down to "save the master or heal them", then the IA story is "break up terrorist cell". The JK is "recover/destroy superweapon", the BH is "get bounty", the Trooper is "catch/kill traitor", etc.

This is what blows my mind. If you judge the JC story by its skeleton, why not the others?
Wow, when was the last time you played IA Act I? How is the experience infiltrating the terror cell on Balmorra anything like dealing with Watcher X on Nar Shaddaa? Yes the goal of 'destroy the terror network' links the two planets, but the experiences on each planet are wholly unique. In no way are you presented with the same choices, situations, anything.

Whatever the JC does on each planet, in the end they end up in the same situation with a master. There are never any surprises or twists to this decision, and since the first choice on Taris I've made the same one. Each time I'm again annoyed when everybody's like, 'Oh no! You're weak now!' except I'm really not and could only wish there was some actual weight given to the decision to sacrifice yourself. There is no other class story that has a repeat decision like this (except perhaps BH, but I think that's done better), and it brings the story down.

And then you're off to the next planet, where hopefully you'll enjoy your mini-story on that planet before you get to the lame end decision again.

To be fair though, I think this weakness of the story really only sets in on Tattouine. I felt Nar Shaddaa got a bit more interesting despite the repetitiveness because it introduced some intrigue by revealing the masters were linked (if I'm remembering right). But then that intrigue was destroyed on the next planet when the 'mystery' became easily decipherable by anyone paying attention. That would've been OK if the story acknowledged how painfully obvious the answer was, you reported it to your superior, and the plot thickened from there. But the plot did not thicken. More like, got left out too long and curdled a bit.

Most of the Act finales have some surprises. The JC finale just confirms what you figured out two planets ago, and presents you AGAIN with that same damn decision!

Again, I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad for liking Act I. I liked Act I, but it was for flavor reasons. I like the healing, Jedi-based, mystery (while it existed), force-related stuff story. Liked it way better than JK Act I, bored outta my gourd there. But when I look at the story like a critic, I can understand how people not into the flavor would be turned-off.
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