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I don't care one bit about Anthem and I can't wait for its launch so I can hear more about the game, aside from SWTOR of course, I care about: Dragon Age.

I'm coming for you, Solas, you dbag.
I recently finally got around to giving DA:O a try (I got it as part of a huge sale bundle on GOG a while back). So far Iím liking the story. A power-hungry jerk betrays the king and the entire country (possibly the entire world) in the middle of a demon invasion, and *now* Iím dealing with a zombie apocalypse on top of that *and* having been falsely declared a traitor just because I got recruited to the Grey Wardens... and everything so far actually makes sense...unlike, oh, say, taking a non force using character through KOTFE/KOTET...or the whole traitor arc...or how the entire galaxyís apparently forgotten that my consular is Barseníthor...or the fact that a force-user-eating dashade (Khem) is willing to have an intimate relationship with a Sith Inquisitor...
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