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Is there a list somewhere of which specs/classes are best for which bosses?
If you play the game enough, you'll figure out eventually which specs you prefer to run on each boss. Typically a good rule of thumb is if the boss is mostly stationary (or if tanks can work well with an Engi/Sabo Sniper/Slinger), and if adds are frequent, then it's probably a good fight for this spec. There are I think 46 Operation Bosses (not including World Bosses or the other single instanced ones), so creating a list that long would take a little bit of time. I probably wouldn't be able to do it because I don't really know how well each spec is performing against the others (I know Engi is #1, but idk where Marksman and Virulence stand against each other), but someone who plays sniper a little bit more frequently might be interested in making one.
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