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09.17.2020 , 12:13 PM | #1
Hello there Fellows SWTOR players
Are u looking for guild that does lot of OPS SM and VM ? Want Speed and fast runs ? We are guild for You
Are u lacking experience and dont know tactics in ops ? Fear Not!!! We provide instructional ops that are beginner friendly that have experienced ops leader who will help U learn tactics and give u tips.
Most Important thing to be said is ALL OUR RUNS are conducted in a way that Toxicity, Elitist behaviour is not tolerated. Our runs are meant for having fun and chilling as well as socializing while paying. If u want smth more, if u want challenge ... well we also have smth for U. We provide harder VM ops for people to sign up and learn them as well as offer open sign up NiM events for people to see how this content is.
Our only requirements are StarParse, Gear+tatcical+Set bonus and Discord (no need for mic but if u have it even better). All sign ups are done over website and invites go based on main role and time of sign up. No1 is going to be skipped in invites with exception of those who dont meet previously said requirements (example : Gods HM event, person with 250 gear).

If u like what u read and if u want to do lot of OPS and have fun and chill time with people come and Join Us.
Follow link below and join our discord server and get more info or invite to the guild!

Discord Link
Siddiouse AKA Sid
Guildmaster of Ancient Dark Guardians